The Problem Of The Box Room Stairs Bulkhead

Mrs R came across a problem in her home that we at The Cabin Bed Company are far too familiar with…. It’s all about the problem of the box room stairs bulkhead! Just like thousands of other houses throughout the country Mrs R had a small box room located right on top of the stairs. This stairs bulkhead sticks out into what is already a small bedroom. This causes all sorts of problems when fitting out the small bedroom.

Questions are asked:-

Where does the bed go?

Can we fit a wardrobe and chest of drawers in the box room?

Actually, how are we going to make this into a proper bedroom?

These are questions thousands of people who live in houses with the problem of the box room stairs bulkhead are asking themselves.

Tackling The Problem 

In this case the box room belonged to Mrs R’s eldest son. She has struggled with the concept of what to do with the stairs bulkhead for years. She has tried buying a smaller bed. She has even experimented with different sized wardrobes just to try and utilise the small box room in the best possible way. Unfortunately all without too much success.

Here at The Cabin Bed Company the problems of small box rooms are our speciality. We incorporate both extra storage and sleeping space with the added benefits of greater floor space. We start by removing the existing bulkhead cover. This is the box that is usually built over the bulkhead to make it more aesthetically pleasing, and in so doing it inconveniently takes up a lot more room than is necessary. You can see the exposed stairs bulkhead after we have taken off the cover.

are asking themselves.

We then started to build the base for the cabin bed. Mrs R wanted to leave the space under the bed open to allow easy access to this extra storage capacity. To make this possible we needed to support the cabin bed using angled steel rods. This is a very important feature to ensure the future safety of those using the bed. Not least because we all know how kids like to jump on their beds!

Planning For The Box Room Cabin Bed 

This cabin bed was planned as a two day job. Half a day to remove the existing stairs bulkhead with the remainder of the time utilised constructing the new cabin bed. Mrs R was a fantastic customer. She fed us throughout both of the days, just how we like it! The day started off with the builders’ staple of bacon butties. Then we were so lucky to get pie, chips & peas for lunch……although Derek couldn’t finish his peas… wonder he’s only just 5ft tall.

fish and chips needed when building a cabin bed

Building The Cabin Bed

Once the base was built we then moved on to the single wardrobe and open wall units at either end of the cabin bed. To ensure the wardrobe was secure over the stairs bulkhead we built a frame system underneath. From the front elevation the wardrobe appears to be a full wardrobe, however due to the bulkhead we had to build an angled base for the wardrobe to maximise the storage space inside. We then hung the door on the single wardrobe and the job was complete.

Mrs R and her son were delighted with the finished product. A made to measure cabin bed with storage and a wardrobe as well. All fitted neatly into a very small box room. The problem of the box room stairs bulkhead was solved once and for all.