A Good Example Of Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

This exciting new job to tackle the age-old problem of storage ideas for small bedrooms took place down in Essex. Not a problem for us, we will travel anywhere from our Cheshire base.

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Storage Ideas For Small Bedrooms

The main premise was to remove existing cupboards over the stairs and then completely re-design the small bedroom. We would fit new shelves with doors, as well as designing a single cabin bedroom whilst maximising space and storage. A tall order but one we were happy to take on board. The main premise was to remove existing cupboards over the stairs and then completely re-design the small bedroom.

This was a complex fitting and installation project in a relatively small bedroom. A fair amount of tricky design work was necessary to fit all the elements of the clients ‘wish list’ into this small bedroom: Shelves with doors. Single cabin bed with storage. Open shelf unit under the eaves. Bookshelves around the bedroom above the picture rail. Understandably most clients want us to design a solution to their problem of creating a comfortable bedroom along with as much storage space as possible. We do not disappoint….

This job was broken down into several fundamental elements.

Remove The Existing Cupboards

remove old cupboards for storage solutions

Old Cupboards


We started at the beginning by removing the existing storage units over the stairs. These came out relatively easily and quickly, which meant we could get started fitting our furniture. The best bit of the project.

Shelves With Doors

We started by battening out the walls where the shelves were going to sit. This was achieved by fixing them to the wall using wall plugs and screws making sure they were both level and secure. We then cut and scribed them to the shape of the walls giving them a perfect finish! Not all walls are square, so a certain amount of fitting is needed to give a professional finish.

Once the shelves had been secured in place we fitted doors to the front of the cupboard to finish them off.


Single Cabin Bed With Storage

The next aspect of the project was to construct a single cabin bed with usable space underneath. We started by building the framework out of 3×2 timber making sure it was fixed properly to the walls. We then scribed the bed base to the walls and fixed it to the timber!


 Open Shelf Unit Under The Eaves

We were then to fit an open shelf unit under the eaves at the bottom of the cabin bed. When this shelf unit had been fixed in place we finished this off with filler panels cut to the angle of the eaves. This ensured a nice and neat area of extra storage using up the dead space in the eaves.




We then decided to erect a bookshelf around the top of the bedroom above the picture rail. This again gave the client additional storage space in the small bedroom without negatively impacting on the limited amount of floor space. A great storage solution in any small bedroom.The whole project was finished off by fitting the doors and handles to all the new items of bespoke fitted bedroom furniture. Projects like this one are so satisfying to complete. The way we transform the room to  give lots of useful storage ideas for small bedrooms, in this case by building a cabin bed along with loads of usable storage capacity is always a winner with the client.