Working In The Smallest Box Room!

We show you how we went about installing a cabin bed in a very small box room.  In fact, for us at The Cabin Bed Company it is probably the SMALLEST ROOM we’ve worked in!

Mrs L has an old box room, a very, very small old box room, that she used to store everything in that she wanted to forget about. So on the occasions when she had her Mother-in-law over to stay she had to clear out this very small box room and prepare a small bed on the floor where her guest could sleep.

Mrs L saw one of our ideas through our Facebook page and thought it would be the perfect solution from both the storage and sleeping side of things. It would provide ample storage both underneath and above the cabin bed as well as providing exactly what her Mother-in-law needed… a BED!

However, when we went round to survey and provide a quote for Mrs L, she also wanted to incorporate a fold down office desk with open shelving above it to provide a work space for both herself and Mr L.

Installing A Cabin Bed


There was no existing fitted furniture within the small box room. The only feature in the box room was an existing stairs bulkhead. So this gave us a blank canvas to start with and also meant there wasn’t as much mess and disruption as we did not need to remove anything from the room. The majority of our cabin beds are built with the size of a small single mattress in mind. However, because Mrs L’s Mother-in-law only stays once every couple of months, they were more concerned with the storage space that we could create for her. So Mrs L said she would just get a mattress made to fit the bed.

We didn’t build the cabin bed to the normal size for two reasons:-

  • The room simply wasn’t big enough
  • Mrs L Senior was a very petite lady

One problem we encountered on this job was that there was only one electrical socket in this room and of course in was right under where the cabin bed was being fitted. Just like many other jobs we have done we ran an extension lead under the cabin bed and out under the 3 drawer chest so there was still access to electricity. We then cut a small hand size hole in the back of one of the 3 drawer chests just in case the extension lead needed to be switched off or changed at any time.

Overall this Job took us about 5/6 days from start to finish, we had to stop work for the Christmas break on 23 December and thankfully Mrs L was very happy with us to come back after Christmas to finish off. Successfully installing a cabin bed in a very small box room is what we do at The Cabin Bed Company.