How to Measure a Stairs Bulkhead

Follow us as we show you how to measure a stairs bulkhead in your small box bedroom.

In the majority of small box rooms there will be an existing stairs bulkhead. Nearly all of our Cabin Beds are built over this stairs bulkhead. By doing this we can utilise what would otherwise be wasted space and turn it into useful storage space. This also frees up extra floor space for your child to play or do homework.

The best way to take the measurements for your cabin bed is to first measure the height of the existing stairs bulkhead. In most instances it will measure up and fit into one of three sizes 550mm, 750mm or 950mm. This will allow you to then choose which cabin bed is most suitable for your small box room.

The following section will take you through how to measure up your stairs bulkhead. Then once you have these measurements you can order your brand new Cabin Bed.


Stage 1

This Stage involves measuring the height, depth and width of the existing bulkhead, this is really easy to do. We will demonstrate this with the photos below:




Stage 2

Another useful measurement that we need is the distance between the bulkhead and the door.