A case Study In Small Bedroom Storage Solutions 

We are often asked to come up with innovative ideas for small bedroom storage solutions. By

necessity these solutions have to incorporate a bed (usually a cabin bed), a wardrobes and storage

drawers at the very least. Often our customers want even more………..

Struggling with Storage in a Small Bedroom

MRs C was struggling with a problem we see far too often here at The Cabin Bed Company…. The

small box room with a stairs bulkhead in one corner of the room making it very difficult to fit a bed

and storage space. Additionally, there is never enough floor space left in the room to feel

comfortable when moving about the bedroom.

The Storage Space Conundrum

The answer to this bed/storage space conundrum is right up our street at TCBC.

As with many of our cases this one started off in a fairly regular way.  We removed the existing stairs

bulkhead in the first instance.  Then we were able to build a frame system whereby we could insert a

three drawer chest and two door cabinet underneath a bed base. Towards the end of the bed we

fitted a full floor to ceiling single wardrobe to make full use of the space.

This design also includes an open book case above the headboard which would also have been

wasted space if we had not designed in this feature.

Sometimes we Need to Overcome Problems

With this particular project there was one small problem that occurred during the installation!  When

we came to install the bookcase we found that the light switch would become covered and

inaccessible.  We thought the best solution would be to move the light switch.  Using an architrave

box we would attach the repositioned light switch to the door architrave which would give it a nice

finish without disturbing any of the existing décor.

By building our storage units floor to ceiling we not only utilised the full storage space available but

this also allowed us to be able to free up more floor space within the small box room. This meant

there was more floor space for the children to use and play in.  Which we all know is exactly what

they want to do.

This job was complete in Windsor oak décor complete with block style satin handles and took us just

under two days to install. This is a typical time scale for the majority of our cabin bed projects. They

usually take around 10-12 working days to be manufactured then between 1-2days for installation. A

pretty good turnaround I am sure you will agree.

Another satisfied customer having numerous questions about small bedroom storage solutions answered in style.