Environmental Sustainability

We at The Cabin Bed Company aim to give our customers peace of mind in all areas of our activities.  We want our customers to know they are engaging with a company that cares about its impact on the environment. As well as caring, we actively and creatively address the many issues that have an impact on our environment.

Like safety we understand that environmental commitment is fundamental to our long term business strategy. Within the company we are focussing on better management of our energy requirements and use of vehicles. Additionally we are actively engaging our designers, buyers and suppliers to incorporate more sustainable supply chain practices.

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Supply Chain Criteria

We understand that it is not always practical or possible to select our suppliers simply on the question of sustainability. However, we feel it is still important to consider factors such as quality, reliability and costs. Therefore, by endeavouring to source materials locally from environmentally sympathetic suppliers, we can usually find that environmental sustainability can go hand in hand with cost effective decisions. Our policy includes:

  • Setting strategies to source the right materials and implementing targets to be achieved.
  • Ensuring, wherever possible, that our material suppliers have appropriate and up to date Sustainability & Environmental Policies.
  • A means by which we monitor sustainability and environmental systems in our suppliers.

 Vision And Value


environmental sustainability


We aim to provide and use the most sustainable processes when both manufacturing and delivering your brand new made to measure cabin bed. We have tried to minimise our carbon footprint by encouraging our customers to measure and then order their cabin bed online through The Cabin Bed Company website. This shortens the process making it more efficient and sustainable. Most importantly is reduces the number of visits we need to make to the customers house.

All of our cabin beds are made from 18mm MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard). MFC is made from sawmill by-products and pre-sorted recycled wood. This fits the sustainability model as it is utilising a waste product that would have normally been thrown away. Recycling it in this very cost effective way creates an environmentally sustainable product.

MFC has a range of unique characteristics that make it both financially and environmentally suitable in the manufacturing of our cabin beds. These characteristics include:

  • Huge variety of decors/designs

  • Highly durable and resistant

  • Pre-Finished

  • High stability

  • Cost advantages

All of these characteristics help to create, in our opinion, the best finished product. It simply offers the best product for the best value within the set of criteria we apply. All of our cabin beds come with a 10 year guarantee.

Finally, all of our Cabin Beds are cut from large sheets of MFC. This is to minimise the amount of offcuts and thereby reducing waste. We always try and keep our wastage down and recycle all materials wherever possible.

We will continue to monitor environmental sustainability criteria both within The Cabin Bed Company and with our suppliers and major stakeholders. Environmental sustainability is not a fixed point to be achieved, but more realistically, a set of goals to aspire towards. We will always aim for continual improvements and environmental sustainability is just part of this process.