Follow us as we build a cabin bed, wardrobe and open shelf units in a very small box room, with a protruding stairs bulkhead.

Preparation Is The Key

When we arrived on site in Stoke our first job was to place the stair runner down to protect the carpet. Once the dust sheets were down we started to unload the van with the material for the wardrobe. The building of the wardrobe, from scratch, was the first job on this project. By doing it this way we were able to maximise the available space in a small bedroom. An added problem was that the floor space was reduced by the stairs bulkhead. The wardrobe would fit over the stairs bulkhead.

The Work On The Wardrobe Begins

Before we build the wardrobe we re-measured the width of the room to establish the size of the side infills. We were then ready to batten the walls and fix the wardrobe in place ensuring it was level.

Once the wardrobe was securely in place we cut the end panel to the exact measurements so it could be fixed to the wardrobe. Next we cut the headboard to the correct size to fit from the wall flush up to the wardrobe. This entailed scribing the headboard to the wall so it would fit perfectly.

Building The Cabin Bed

The next operation was to build and fix in place the frame and cabin bed base. A tricky business in such a small working area, but we are used to it. We were also incorporating drawers under the cabin bed to maximise the available space for storage. There was a lot of intricate joinery work involved in the process to ensure the cabin bed was secured in place and finished off to a high standard.

Now that the cabin bed was completed we could move on to the open shelf units. This was a fairly easy process as it was just a matter of building the top boxes and fixing them to the wall in the right place.

Now that we had all the units in place and fixed we were able to cut out all the infills and fix them in place. Next we had to hang all the doors and fix all the various handles which had been chosen by the customer.

The final job was to present the finished bedroom to the customer. The customer was very pleased with the finished product – another happy customer. All that remained was for us to pack up and head on home. A cabin bed with wardrobe and open shelf units completed as promised.