A Case Study To Build A Cabin Bed

With Built In Storage Capacity

One of the best ways to maximise the potential storage space in a small bedroom is to build a cabin bed with built in storage capacity. These cabin beds can be built into the small bedroom which is often referred to as the box room. This small box room usually has the bulkhead from the stairs protruding into the room. This reduces the available floor space as well as hampering the possibility of using any standard cabinets, drawers or wardrobes in what is already a very small bedroom.

The solution is to build a bespoke cabin bed to comply with the specific space size requirements and restrictions of the small/box bedroom. This can then be enhanced with under-bed cupboards and/or drawers to give the additional storage capacity. A clever solution for bedrooms, especially bedrooms with a stairs bulkhead taking up valuable space. By erecting the cabin bed higher you can even incorporate a wardrobe under the bed space as we did in this case study where we were able to provide the customer with a cabin bed with built in storage for their daughter.

The Storage Problem

Mr & Mrs B came across a storage problem in their home in Birmingham which we see in homes all across the country. Within their home, like thousands of other homes, they had a small box room above the stairs which meant that in the corner of the room there was a stairs bulkhead.

Stairs Bulkhead

Stairs Bulkhead

The best option in our opinion was to build a cabin bed over the stairs bulkhead. This has the effect of covering the bulkhead so it is no longer visible in the bedroom. With this innovative approach we were able to maximise both the storage space underneath the cabin bed and utilise to the best effect the floor space within the room.

The Storage Solution

Mrs B wanted to get the most out of the limited space available in the bedroom. She was happy with the solution we had provided, however, she wanted a cabin bed that was built higher up than normal so that her daughter could have enough space to fit hanging rails underneath for hanging her clothes. A built in wardrobe!

cabin bed being built with stairs bulkhead on view

Cabin Bed Being Built With Stairs Bulkhead Clearly Visible

Mrs B’s daughter also wanted to incorporate a book shelf into her new cabin bed as she was a keen reader. We agreed that the best place for this would to be at the foot of the bed to provide both support and storage.

To maximise the floor space further we suggested having sliding doors on the underneath storage/wardrobe unit as this would maximising access to the storage space without compromising on the outer floor space. In other words no opening doors into the body of the bedroom.

Overall Mr & Mrs B were very happy with their daughters’ new cabin bed with built in storage and were made up with the amount of extra storage and floor space there was within their daughters small box room.