Design And Build A Cabin Bed And Storage In Small Bedroom

We design and build a cabin bed and matching bedroom furniture in a very small box room. When

space is at a premium just how do you go about creating extra storage capacity? Answer – create the

space using under bed drawers, top boxes, shelf units, a wardrobe, dressing table and chest of

drawers. All neatly and efficiently designed into the limited space available.

Stairs Bulkhead Prior To Starting Work

Stairs Bulkhead Prior To Starting Work

Mrs S was having an issue with her daughter’s bedroom, an issue that we see far too often at The

Cabin Bed Company. They own a very nice 4-bedroom home for their four-person family, however,

as her daughter was getting older the small box room that she currently lives in was becoming more

and more of a problem. Lack of floor space, lack of storage space and no room for a full sized single

bed. It was getting to the point where they were considering moving house!!

Building The Base For The Cabin Bed

Building The Base For The Cabin Bed

The Solutions Is A Cabin Bed And Matching Bedroom Furniture

Then Mrs S came across our website, where she found the solution we have for every small box

room with a stair bulkhead….the CABIN BED.  Following a few ideas from us and a few ideas from her

Daughter we agreed to go ahead with a design that incorporated the following furniture

  • Cabin Bed complete with underneath Drawers
  • Three overhead Top boxes
  • One Open shelf unit
  • One Double wardrobe complete with internal shelving and double hanging rail
  • One dressing table complete with a 3-drawer chest and matching mirror

From when we arrived to when we left this job it took just under two full days. The only real

problem we came across was at both the end of the bed and under the dressing table. Mrs S wanted

extension cables running so her daughter could use her appliances TV, Hair dryer etc. Usually this is

just a simple plug it in job, however in this case the plug sockets were located in awkward places,

one behind where the double robe is being fixed and one where the open shelf unit is being fixed.

Our solution was to cut out for both the plug socket out of each unit giving full access in case of any

emergency then drilling a small hole through where Mrs S wanted the extension leads to live. This

would then give the impression that the extension leads were purposely built into the furniture. Also

giving a more professional look.

Overall Mrs S was very pleased with her new bedroom and her daughter was even happier. They

couldn’t believe the amount of floor space that was left after we installed the furniture and also how

much extra storage space they now had. So, a cabin bed and matching bedroom furniture in a very

small box room, was the answer to their dreams.