See How We Designed And Built A Bunk Bed Single Bed And Under Eaves Wardrobe In A Small Bedroom

This project was to design and build a bunk bed, single bed and under eaves wardrobe in a small bedroom.  It was a bit of a challenge, both in the design phase and in the build.  But the guys at The Cabin Bed Company were up for it……

bunkbed single bed

The bedroom was small but we had the whole of the floor-space to work with.

Derek’s remit was to fit a bunk bed, single bed and an L-shaped corner wardrobe under the eaves.  The aim was to make use of all the available space – “Use That Space” – as we say…  Additionally Derek was also able to incorporate a bedside table and a desk at the foot of the bunk bed.

The result was a fully designed and innovative concept for the three boys who were going to occupy the bedroom.  Having agreed the design and all the built in features with the customer, all that was left to do was choose the wood finish and colours.

Once we had the go-ahead we were able to source the materials and start the build.

Bunk Bed

The bed frame was built-up for the bottom of the bunk bed.  This needed to be fixed with timber stud work in the walls to give maximum support as it was to hold another bed above it.  The frame was constructed from 3×2  timber.  Then the bed base was cut and scribed to fit onto it’s frame.  The top bed base was then constructed using two pieces of board with 3×2 timber running through the middle to give it extra strength.  The ladder was then built to facilitate access to the top bunk.This ladder also acted as support for the bed as it was fixed in multiple places including the floor.  A top rail was fixed in place to ensure the person sleeping on the top bunk remained safe.  Mindful of utilising all available space, a cupboard door was fitted to access the storage space under the bed.

The guys then had a short break as the customer had kindly made them Chicken Fried Rice for lunch.

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice

Single Bed 

The single bed was then built-up in a similar way to the base of the bunk bed.

Bedside Table And Desk

A bedside table was made and fitted neatly between the single bed and the bunk bed.  Then a small desk was made and fitted to the end of the bunk bed.

Under Eaves Wardrobe

This was the final job for the fitting team.  It had to be scribed and cut to the shape of the eaves to ensure a snug and perfect fit.  Three shelves were fitted along with a hanging rail.  This again ensured maximum use was gained from the available space in the small bedroom.  Finally the doors were cut to the correct angle to give a perfect finish.

The finished job resulted in a delighted customer and three very happy young boys.  The design and construction af a bunk bed, single bed and under eaves wardrobe in a small bedroom was a resounding success.