Building A Cabin Bed

Follow us as we set about building a cabin bed.

Stage 1

You provide us with the full dimensions of the bedroom your cabin bed will be built in. This will include detailed measurements around the bulkhead. Once you are satisfied with all final design and details you will place the order. This will include your choice of colour and finish. An installation date is then scheduled. This is usually in about four weeks to give us time to assemble all of the materials for the cabin bed. The actual installation on site normally takes half a day.

Stage 2

The bulkhead is removed from the bedroom to reveal the space for the cabin bed. A sturdy frame is then built and fixed to the walls and floor.

Stage 3

Drawers or cupboards are then built into the frame. This ensures the maximisation of the space available.

Stage 4

The base, head board and foot board are fitted to complete the cabin bed. You can see the drawers on the left hand side and extra storage space in the cupboard on the right hand side.

Stage 5

Extra wall mounted cabinets can be fitted to optimise the available space in the cabin bedroom.