Bedroom Storage Problems Solved With A Cabin Bed


cabin bed and top box

Cabin Bed With Drawers, Cupboards & Wardrobe

This case study highlights how bedroom storage problems solved with a cabin bed is a sensible and affordable option. The benefits of a cabin bed built in a small box bedroom come from incorporating drawers and cupboards under the cabin bed. Additionally, space on the walls above the cabin bed can be used to fix even more cupboards. This case study shows all of these benefits and more…..

The Need For More Storage Space

The Chambers family had just recently increased their family to four and immediately realised the need to find more space for this growing family. Mr & MRs C came across a problem that we are asked in to solve on a regular basis, namely that of storage, extra floor space and more room in general. Trying to achieve this in one small room is not easy.

The result of the growing family was that their eldest son ended up with the small box room. Unfortunately, like many small box rooms the stair bulkhead is located in one corner of the room, making an inconvenient space where a bed and wardrobe would otherwise usually fit. Here is where we at The Cabin Bed Company come in. Storage solutions and creating space is our thing!

The Design For Solving The Storage Problem

Our suggestion was to build a cabin bed over the stairs bulkhead. This would incorporate two drawers and a cabinet underneath leading onto a double wardrobe. Additionally, top boxes above the cabin bed would be added to maximise storage and utilise the height of the room. This cabin bed was also complete with a shelf that ran the full length of the bed along the back wall that can be used for a multitude of uses…..



Underneath the cabin bed we installed a frame system which is clear in the pictures, this is to ensure that the cabin bed is fully supported when it is completed. We all know how children love to jump up and down on their beds.

Cabin Bed Installed And Storage Problems Solved

Overall this job took just under two days and probably would have taken a little bit less if Mrs C didn’t provide us with the best coffee in the North West ever hour throughout the day.



This job was completed in a stylo walnut décor with silver bow handles. It took about 3-4 weeks from survey to installation. It took under two days to physically install. So there you have it – bedroom storage problems solved with a cabin bed, wardrobe, drawers and cupboards.