Cabin beds are the best solution if you want more storage space in a small bedroom. Often homes have box rooms which can be really tiny. Nevertheless with a little imagination and know how we at The Cabin Bed Company can help you to make the best use of the limited space in your bedroom.

cabin bed with top boxIn some circumstance you may be looking to re-model your room for a child. If this is the case then you may want to create a play area for your child. An excellent option would be to leave the space under the bed free so your child can use it as a den or play area.  It is certainly a great solution for encouraging your child to play in their bedroom. They can make a den and play all sorts of imaginative and make believe games right there in their bedroom. The advantage of this scenario is that it helps to minimise the accumulation of toys around the house. They stay in their room and clutter that up!

Of course you could incorporate a chest of drawers, a small wardrobe or even a desk area under the bed. This will then enable your child to have not only plenty of useful space to store their toys and clothes but also the desk area allows them to write/colour/paint or even do their homework.

Cabin beds can be great fun for children. They are practical and cost effective. We can also help you to create unique, modern and stylish bedrooms. Some cabin bed are designed with safe children’s activities in mind. We can incorporate a slide for added fun.

Cabin beds for your child’s room are a great idea for giving the sense of space to a small bedroom. There is no need to compromise on storage with the types of furniture you can have. So when asking the question – are cabin beds the solution for small bedrooms, the answer is a definite Yes.